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updated 07/27/2020  21:43
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Middletown Little League Covid 19 Guidelines


We will start practicing 7/6/2020 and games will start around 7/25/2020. The season will run into the beginning of October.


If you DO NOT feel well, Stay At Home


Limited amount of games per day and week


Games and spectators will be spaced between fields


Games will have a time limit of 1.5 hrs


One umpire per game, calling the game from pitcher’s mound


No mound visits or coach to coach, or coach to umpire disagreements


Parents, Coaches, spectators, umpires and players will be required to bring their masks until NY State guidelines change. If you cannot comply, please do not disrupt these safety precautions and stay home


Limit of 4 players per dugout. The rest of the players will be socially distant in the designated areas or with parents in their socially distant spectator areas. Parents we really need your help here, 6ft apart rules will remain until further notice


All Bats must stay in batters box and will be subject to being sprayed with sanitizer. All kids must have their own glove, bat and helmet. (No sharing of equipment). If equipment is needed for those that do not have, the league has limited equipment available. (Please let us know as soon as you can)


No food in dugout. Please label or mark the players name on their drinks.


No parents by the dugout unless they are assigned by coach to help monitor the kids.


No gum, sunflower seeds of any kind. (We do not want people spitting)


Two spectators per player


Temperature checks upon entry to the park


These are the guidelines we will follow and are subject to change at any time.